Now Entering Dreamland, Dream Diary #1

One reason I started this would be to provide a platform to write down my dreams, what I remember of them, to act as a dream journal for future analyzing purposes.

Here is what I remember from my dream last night.

  • I was in a large room, the size of a school gym. I wasn’t able to leave the room.
  • The room was being guarded by someone, and even though I wanted to leave the room, I had no particular upset feelings towards this guard. I can’t remember their face now, but I do think they had one.
  • One wall of this room was see-through, and on the other side of it was a cake filled with strawberries. Wow, I wanted this cake.
  • I was devising a plan to get the cake when I woke up. Honestly, I spent most of the dream just sitting in a chair, thinking about cake.
  • I also slept walked last night.
  • I woke up in front of my computer, trying to work 😴

Published by staceyacomedy

Stacey Axler is a stand up comedian and improviser based just outside of Washington DC.

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