Now Entering Dreamland, Episode 18 | Total Dream Recall

Now Entering Dreamland is a podcast that centers around dreams, sleep and everything in between. Sit back and relax- you’re now entering Dreamland. Episode 18 features an interview with comedian John Charles about dream diaries, tips to memorize dreams, and art.

Now Entering Dreamland, Dream Diary #7

I haven’t had a vivid dream in more than a month. I’ve had random snippets, but nothing concrete until last night. Perhaps it was the “holiday season”, I always get stressed during the holidays. Last night, I had a very vivid dream, and woke up covered in sweat. Eerie. Here is what I remember: -IContinue reading “Now Entering Dreamland, Dream Diary #7”

Now Entering Dreamland, Dream Diary #6

I have been struggling with falling asleep and staying asleep the past few weeks. I noticed that this causes me to have few, sporadic dreams, and the dreams I do remember I am only left with snippets. Last night I slept nine-ish hours (yay!) and I do remember my dream: I was in an orphanage,Continue reading “Now Entering Dreamland, Dream Diary #6”

Now Entering Dreamland, Dream Diary #5

Another night, another vivid dream to share. Does this mean I am back to getting vivid dreams? Who knows… The first thing I remember about the dream is that I was in a log cabin. I was wearing a flannel shirt (like a lumber jack. I have a very *basic* idea of what lumberjacks wear).Continue reading “Now Entering Dreamland, Dream Diary #5”

Now Entering Dreamland, Dream Diary #4

I had my first vivid dream in almost two weeks! I was wondering why I wasn’t remembering my dreams. To be determined, I suppose. Here is what I remember from my latest dream. I was in a very large ballroom in a very majestic, but old, hotel. For a reference: it looked very similar toContinue reading “Now Entering Dreamland, Dream Diary #4”

Now Entering Dreamland, Dream Diary #3

Another strange dream I wanted to write: I went to work, my workplace looked a lot like my old job with a few office differences. My childhood friend, whom we will call Larry, was working there as well. He revealed to me that he moved back home. He was adamant he did not want meContinue reading “Now Entering Dreamland, Dream Diary #3”

Now Entering Dreamland, Dream Diary #2

New day, new vivid dream I wanted to share and analyze. Here is what I remember from my dream last night. My dream had two distinct parts. The first part took place during New Year’s Eve. I was going to a very fancy party. I arrived at this huge mansion where the party was beingContinue reading “Now Entering Dreamland, Dream Diary #2”

Now Entering Dreamland, Dream Diary #1

One reason I started this would be to provide a platform to write down my dreams, what I remember of them, to act as a dream journal for future analyzing purposes. Here is what I remember from my dream last night. I was in a large room, the size of a school gym. I wasn’tContinue reading “Now Entering Dreamland, Dream Diary #1”