Now Entering Dreamland, Dream Diary #2

New day, new vivid dream I wanted to share and analyze.

Here is what I remember from my dream last night.

  • My dream had two distinct parts.
  • The first part took place during New Year’s Eve. I was going to a very fancy party.
  • I arrived at this huge mansion where the party was being held.
  • I grabbed a cocktail and made my way into a room where other guests were. I said hi. Looking back, I do not recognize these people/ these are not people I know from my real life.
  • After I said hi, the host of the party turned to me, upset, and told me I was the reason his tuxedo was dirty.
  • I said something to the effect of: “Dude, I just got here.” To which he became more upset and asked me to go with him to the tailor to get a new outfit. I responded with: “but the party is happening now.” Great argument, Stacey.
  • This is when the second part of the dream started. I was in an entirely new place, which really resembled the swamp from Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • I was going on a mission to find a particular flying insect.
  • I found one and then the dream ended.
  • This part of the dream is pretty literal, I think, I like playing Red Dead Redemption 2.

When I woke up this morning, I noticed that at some point in the night I had been sleepwalking. I must have brought out the extra pillow from my closet and put it on the ground, and slept there for at least part of the night, because there is no explanation as to why I would do this.

Published by staceyacomedy

Stacey Axler is a stand up comedian and improviser based just outside of Washington DC.

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