Now Entering Dreamland, Dream Diary #4

I had my first vivid dream in almost two weeks! I was wondering why I wasn’t remembering my dreams. To be determined, I suppose. Here is what I remember from my latest dream.

  • I was in a very large ballroom in a very majestic, but old, hotel. For a reference: it looked very similar to The Overlook Hotel in The Shining. (Any other Stephen King fans here?)
  • I ordered a cocktail from the bar and walked away from the bar and tried to drink my cocktail, but apparently, unknown to me, I spilled it and there was no more liquid in my glass. I ordered another cocktail, and this patterned repeated on end for a seemingly long time. I never got to drink any cocktail. Boo.
  • It was established that a large party, I think a birthday party, was taking place. I didn’t recognize anyone in this dream from my actual life, but my dream self recognized them/ seemed friendly with these people.
  • Everyone started to dance- classic ballroom dancing.
  • It was raining outside.

What could this mean? In my mind, I think I just miss being around people. Is there some deeper meaning?

Published by staceyacomedy

Stacey Axler is a stand up comedian and improviser based just outside of Washington DC.

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