Now Entering Dreamland, Season 2; Episode 6 | Did My Dream Cause Sleep Paralysis? (Episode 2/2)

Now Entering Dreamland is a podcast that centers around dreams, sleep and everything in between. Sit back and relax- you’re now entering Dreamland.

Season 2; Episode 6 features a reading of one of my more recent vivid dreams that I think caused me to have sleep paralysis. This is the second part episode that details a follow-up regarding my belief of how my dreams are causing me to sleepwalk and act out my dreams.

Episode Transcript

Are you ready to wake up? You are Now Entering Dreamland.

Hi everyone! Welcome to Now Entering Dreamland. A podcast about dreams, sleep, and everything in between. Welcome back to those of you who have been to Dreamland before, we’re happy to have you back, and welcome to those of you joining us here in Dreamland for the first time.

This is a special episode of Now Entering Dreamland. For those of you new to this podcast, I release episodes on Sunday and last Sunday I released the first two-part episode of this podcast.

At the end of the last episode, I asked a question. “Is my dream causing me to have more sleep issues like sleepwalking and sleep paralysis?”

I’m not a doctor or a medical professional or even an expert in any sleep disorders. But I can answer from my own experience. Two weeks ago I had a really scary dream. And I think it caused me to have sleep paralysis.


Well, I am.

And I guess I was because the second I was able to after my sleep paralysis wore off, I took a pen and wrote down everything I remembered about my dream. I’m trying to find some dream symbolism or some reason WHY this happened to me.

This is what I remember:

The dream happened in three distinct parts. The dream started while I was staying in an old house. In the dream, I was “me” and not another person. It seemed almost like an Air BnB situation in which I was staying in only one room of this house.

I got to know the residents of the house, who were all around mid-20s to mid-40s in age. Pretty soon after I arrived, the residents of the house all gathered in the kitchen to make dinner. And the conversation turned to how their neighbors in this community were starting to disappear.

In the “real world” if I heard something like this in a place I was staying, seemingly alone, I would leave. Probably immediately.

In “dream world” Dream Stacey seemed very intrigued by this news and not worried at all. Even more, Dream Stacey seemed to think, without any investigative knowledge, or even an eye for regular details, that I could solve this mystery.

Great idea, Dream Stacey.

The residents of this house took me to two sights around this community. The first was a boatyard with a bunch of old ships. We began sneaking around the ships. It was a grey, overcast day. And suddenly, one of the residents of the house disappeared. Everyone was shaken by this, including Dream Stacey.

At this point, the residents of the house revealed a secret. All of them could see ghosts, but all of them could see only different ghosts. And worse, they all struggled with communicating with the ghosts, so this ability was pretty useless.

The group then took me to the second sight: an old abandoned amusement park. The group showed me a broken roller coaster track. They told me to concentrate because there were ghosts on the track. I concentrated and saw dozens of ghosts sitting in old coaster cars.

As I read this dream back, I am mildly spooked. Dream Stacey was nonplussed.

Dream Stacey started walking away from the group and went into a school.

This begins Part Two of the dream.

The dream gets a little surreal at this point for me. Because while the events of the dream make little logical sense, the dream begins to take place in areas and locations I know.

Dream Stacey entered the school and walked in the ground floor level. There was a science fair taking place at the school.

The school looked exactly like my middle school, which is bad enough. I hated middle school.

Anyway, I walked around the ground floor, which was set up for the science fair with posters and displays all around. Suddenly, my Biology teacher appeared and asked me where my project for the fair was.

I suddenly felt very embarrassed. I didn’t have my project! I was so ashamed.

And then there was an abrupt change in the dream location. I was suddenly in a car on a major road near my childhood home. If this was a movie, the effect was like a “smash cut”.

Anyhow, I was in a car speeding down the road in the middle of the night towards a restaurant to get food. Several of my friends were in the car. We pulled up to a restaurant. Geographically, the restaurant we went to exists as a building, but it is a different restaurant in the “real world.”

As we get out to get food, one of my friends asked to go back home because she forgot something. We decide to leave the car and call an Uber.

We get into the Uber: myself and two of my friends including the one who requested to go back home. While we are in the car, the first friend begins to vomit profusely. The Uber driver is very angry. The last thing I remember is that a Monster Truck passes us on the highway. It causes a major backup on the road. I’m strapped into my seat with a seatbelt.

And then I wake up. And this is the weird part. Because I was strapped into a car in the dream. And when I woke up I had sleep paralysis and I couldn’t move. Just like being strapped against my seat.

I wasn’t scared. I was annoyed. I wanted to move.

It felt like hours, but what I think was only a few minutes, I managed to move my arm and then my sleep paralysis stopped.

So… did my dream cause my sleep paralysis? It seems too much of a coincidence to just happen. Did my dream of being strapped in a seatbelt cause my brain to think I was strapped in somewhere, unable to move? Did it just take a few minutes for my dream to fade and for me to get back to reality?

Can that happen?

And also, what’s up with my dream? It was so vivid. And so creepy. It felt like an episode of Are You Afraid of The Dark. Should I analyze it? Look for clues?

Maybe that’s what I’ll do on the next episode.

And I think that’s a good place to end for tonight.

That’s it for the latest episode of Now Entering Dreamland. You can stream all the episodes on our website, Subscribing to this podcast will deliver all episodes straight to your email, or you can check for yourself- we have new episodes released on Sundays.

You’re now leaving Dreamland. But we’ll see you next time.

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Stacey Axler is a stand up comedian and improviser based just outside of Washington DC.

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